Indoor/Outdoor GFI Outlet & Standard Receptacle

Integrity Electrical can take care of all of your GFI Outlet needs from repairs to installations. We are here to support any type of electrical service work, which includes GFI outlets or standard outlets, whether inside or outside, repairs, installations or replacements.

You may ask what is a GFCI Receptacle? Or what does GFCI stand for? And why do we need them?
Well, good questions…

A receptacle is just a fancy word for an outlet and GFCI stands for Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter, we know them as GFI’s.

As for why do we need them?

They are designed to protect you from an electrical shock and are required to be by any sink, outdoor, or anywhere there could be water nearby. They sense interruption in the current and trip the circuit to cut off the electricity flow to the outlet in an instant.

If the GFI trips, you can…

  1. Try to reset that receptacle by pressing the reset button.
  2. If there is no reset button, check the panel and even if none of the breakers are off, you should still reset it.
  3. What you might not know is that GFI’s can be connected with other outlets around your house and if it is tripped, it cuts off electricity to those other outlets. You need to find that GFI and reset it, then they should all come back on.
  4. Another tip though is to check what you are plugging in. Often when appliances or other things plugged into GFI’s get old, they may still work, but they operate in a way that continues to cause the GFI to trip, so you may need that appliance serviced or a new one entirely.

If you find that GFI keeps tripping, stop and call a licensed electrician to help you out. Contact Integrity Electrical by filling out this Service Request or calling 732-552-9045.