Service Work & Repairs

Integrity Electrical is here to take care of all of your electrical needs. We strive to do all our work with quality, efficiency and integrity. Call us today and let us make your future bright.

What is Service Work?

Electrical Service Work consists mainly of repairs and replacement of existing fixtures, wiring, outlets, and other electrical systems or equipment along with minor new installations of the like.

Service Work includes meeting all your electrical needs, some of these service we offer, but are not limited to:

Troubleshooting by qualified electricians

Generally, homeowners find a tripped breaker or GFI or flickering lights to be a nuisance. However,

many times it can also pose a danger. Of course, everyone wants to have a safe home. This is the reason, we recommend a qualified Electrican come assess your issue, determine the problem and provide a solution.

All Lighting Replace/Install

Perhaps you want to update your old lighting fixtures or maybe you have a light that won’t come on. No matter what lighting issue you have, Integrity can assist by replacing or installing lights of all kinds, inside or outside, residential or commercial, at any height. Included in the types of fixtures are chandeliers, ceiling fans, flood lights, strip lights, recess lighting and so much more.

Smoke detectors 

Again, in referring to safety, it is top priority. Ever have your smoke alarms go off and it seems it is just a faulty device? Don’t make these dangerous assumptions. Check with a professional. Integrity can replace or install your smoke and carbon detectors to keep you up to date

Indoor/outdoor GFI outlets, regular outlets

Working outlets are a necessity in every home, office or other building. Not to mention, there is a code for safety to have GFCI receptacles in specified locations, which are intended to trip to protect you from harm. Wether it is a new install for a new build or an additional outlet needed, troubleshoot a faulty outlet or simply replacing an outlet that is needed, we are here for you.

Standby Generator or Transfer Switch Install

Currently, the world is ever changing. Storms are more and more frequent, and with that, you can never be too prepared for the future. A whole house standby generator will help you always be ready for a power outage for any reason.

Infratech Heaters

Bring the comfort of indoor comfort to outdoor living while keeping warm inside or out in the winter months or any cool night. We are a certified installer for this slimline quality heating solution.

Attic, paddle and exhaust fans

There are many different kinds of fans that are used in your home, and as it happens, many things that you may need an electrician for. Maybe you want a ceiling fan in your bedroom, or your current fan stopped working. Perhaps your attic is not properly ventilating because your current attic fan has failed. And of course, in the bathroom, there needs to be a proper exhaust fan in order to ventilate it to prevent from mold, as well as other purposes. Integrity can help with any of you fan electrical needs.

Pool and Hot Tub Wiring

More and more, pools and hot tubs are becoming a staple for people, but water and electric are not a good mix, so you need to make sure they are connected properly.

We partner with The Pool and Spa Doctor to help install your pools and hot tubs.

Tesla or other Car Chargers

With technology ever changing, the sales of electric cars increases, and with the that, the need for home car chargers is prevalent. Integrity can install your car charger in the location you need to help you make your future bright.

Flat Screen TVs 

We will gladly help install your TV to be at the right height and be secure, while cleanly installing all the wires needed.  Even if you want to set up an outdoor entertainment area, we are able to help.

Dimmer installs and fan controls

Sometimes, customers are good with the standard switch, but others prefer to add a little customizable options, which we are always available to install.


Of course, we install switches of all kinds. Just let us know what you need and we will take care of it.

Service upgrades 

Need an upgrade? As technology expands, the need for increased power arises. Many older houses were built at 50, 60 or 100 amps, but now are in need of more. We can replace your entire service that needs to be upgraded to to support house’s electrical needs, we are her to brighten your future.

Electrical panel replacement

Maybe it is simply an outdated panel that needs to be replaced at the same power; Integrity is here for that too.

Smart Home Devices

You can monitor and/or control home attributes such as lighting, climate, entertainment systems, and appliances remotely, as well as automate them.

Knob and tube wiring removal

Although it was commonly installed until about 1930, knob and tube wiring is no longer to code in most areas and need to carefully be removed. It consists of single-insulated copper conductors run within wall or ceiling cavities. We can come do an inspection and let you know what is needed to remove it. If you are buying or selling your home, this may be a requirement.

HV/AC Wiring

It’s definitely a necessity to have working air conditioning and heat, so if you need electrical repairs to your HV/AC units, Integrity is here for you. Of course, we recommend you connect with an HV/AC guy first. Also, we can do new installs or replacements.