Whole House Standby Generators

Plan for the future with a Generac Generator. Prepare for power outages.

Stay Connected. Don’t let your life get interrupted. Plan for the future with a generator.
In the past few years, storms have increased in quantity and effects. More and more homes are going days without power for one reason or another, while more and more people are dependent on their technology to stay on since they are working from home and appliances are on Smart Home Automation.

With that, we need to better prepare to protect against the threat that power outages present.

Why should I plan for the future with a Generator?

  • Keep things going
    Don’t miss a beat in your daily routine. Keep necessary appliances and technology, like overhead lights, the refrigerator, chargers and even medical equipment on.
  • Prevent waste
    Subsequently, how much time and money is wasted when the refrigerator and freezer are stocked with food, but the power fails?
  • Protect your home
    Consider this, some homes are very dependent on Sump Pumps to keep the water out, but if you lose power, you gain water. Depending on how long, the damage can become pretty extensive.
  • Stay comfortable
    No one likes going for too long in the dark with no heat (or air conditioning). Keep your loved ones happy, comfortable, and calm with an automatic generator.
  • Peace of mind
    When the unexpected comes, you will have the peace of mind to know that you are taking care of your home and family and are able to assist others if you desire.

Now is the Time! Generators have been backordered on and off since 2020 and each time there is a storm with power outages, that wait time seems to be unpredictable. Get on the schedule now and get your generator before the next crisis makes your wait time too long and potentially increases the time.

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”
Benjamin Franklin

Plan for the future with a Generac whole house standby generator. Prepare for power outages.

How do I go about getting a Generator?

Complete whole house standby generator installs, including the generator, transfer switch, pad, wiring materials, electrical, plumbing and labor for install start at $11.5k.

Call Integrity at 732-552-9045 for information on a free estimate.

  • We just need some questions answered and some pictures from you and we can provide you with a precise estimate.
    You can text these to 732-552-9045 or email them to [email protected]

    • What town are you in?
    • What’s the square footage of your house?
    • Where is your panel located?
    • Do you have a basement? finished? If yes ceiling drop or sheet rock? Crawl space? Slab?
    • Can you provide some pictures or short videos?
      • Both sides of the house and back from 20 ft away (need to see yard for placement and where ac units are)
      • Gas meter & electrical meter from 10 ft away
      • Electrical panel opened from 10 ft away

We use Generac Generators as they have proven to be quality, efficient and uphold our same integrity in their business. Again, prepare for the future with a Generac whole house standby generator. Be prepared for power outages.

Also, we now offer a Generac Maintenance Program to maintain your Generac Generator.


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