Keep your Generac Generator maintained; be prepared for power outages.

  • Change air filter element (replaceable)
  • Change oil and oil filter (replaceable)
  • Change spark plugs (replaceable)
  • Check and clean enclosure louvers
  • Check battery electrolyte level and charger
  • Clean battery terminals
  • Check, clean air intake filter compartment – change air intake filter (replaceable) if necessary
  • Check complete fuel system, fuel regulator and fuel line integrity
  • Check generator control panel
  • Check valve gap – adjust if necessary
  • Clean and remove any residue from the generator transfer switch
  • Complete electrical check, voltage and frequency
  • Perform electrical diagnostic check of automatic standby system and voltage regulator
  • Inspect engine compartment

If you don’t have a whole house generator yet, consider getting one –
Click Here for more details.

We are authorized installers of Generac Generators as they have proven to be quality, efficient and uphold our same integrity in their business. Again, prepare for the future with a Generac whole house standby generator. Be prepared for power outages.

We also offer a Home Maintenance Program to protect all of the electric in your home.

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