Install EV Chargers at Your Home

EV Chargers (including Tesla or other like vehicles)

Get your EV charger installed today! With technology ever changing, the sales of electric cars increases, and with the that, the need for home EV chargers is prevalent. Integrity Electrical is always adapting to keep up with technology changes. Therefore, Integrity can install your EV charger in the location you need to help you make your future bright.

Electric vehicles present an amazing new piece of technology. Gain energy efficiency, as energy prices increase during this time.

Select your vehicle and the matching charger, and after that Integrity Electrical will install the charger and tie it into your electrical panel. Be prepared for all of your travel needs by having a charging station at your home.

Ultimately, be ready for the future. As times are changing, you want to keep up with the times. Moreover, electric cars are the way of the future. We can help you stay up with the times.

Start every day ready to go. Get your

Spend less time waiting for your EV battery to charge and more time enjoying the drive.

Which Charger Should You Get?

New to electric vehicles (EVs)? Perhaps you are wondering what charger you should install at your home to charge your car. There are many different types of chargers, some that are plugs and some that have the option to wire directly, but ultimately, they all serve the same purpose. They quickly and safely deliver power to your EV. Some are based on the brand vehicle, and some even come with your purchase. Some may be specific to a brand, while others are compatible to any EV.

  • NEMA PlugsThere are mainly two types of NEMA plugs, the NEMA 6-50 and the NEMA 14-50, or the option to hard-wire directly into the wall, which is often the preferred choice and some electrical utility providers even require this if you want to receive a rebate for installing your charger.
  • ChargePoint – A good options for fleets of all types and sizes and has an expert design/build services ensure a smooth transition to electrification.
  • JuiceBox – It can be up to a 9x faster charge, easy to use and install, plus has intelligent WiFi control and convenient and stylish design.
  • Tesla Wall Connector is the fastest way to charge at home. It is a quick and easy install, and can be used inside or outside.
  • Rivian Wall Charger makes charging at home easy. You can program charge times through your vehicle’s touchscreen and you can always check your charge level through your Rivian app. Also, it’s compatible with just about any other EV.

Once you purchase your electronic vehicle from one of these companies (Tesla, Rivian, Volvo, Mercedes, Lucid, GM, Ford), contact Integrity Electrical to get your Home Charger Installed to make the most of your experience.