Join the Integrity Home Maintenance Program

Want to feel safe while preparing for a brighter future?

Don’t risk waiting until something breaks! Let your local trusted electrician give you year-round peace of mind. Conduct routine inspections, tests and service electrical equipment so that impending troubles can be detected and reduced, or eliminated.

Keep your electrical system working properly, efficiently and up to code.

With the Integrity Home Maintenance Program, our master technicians will inspect, clean, tighten and verify all wiring, circuit connections, and operational aspects of your electrical panel to keep you and your loved ones safe, secure, and uninterrupted.

Did you know?
The failure rate of electrical equipment is three times higher for components that are not part of a scheduled preventive maintenance program as compared with those that are. Also, did you know that even manufacturers strongly advise homeowners to take preventative measures for safety and greater savings?

Plan Ahead to Stay Ahead! Why do you need maintenance?

  • Electrical Panels
    • Corrosion, which can easily develop in NJ’s humid climate, overcrowding, loose connections, and insufficient capacity are common issues.
    • Loose connections can be deadly and cause electric shocks or fires, which is why panels and outlets need to be carefully wired and maintained to ensure they don’t cause electric shocks or fires.
  • GFCIs are an important safety feature of your home
    • They are designed to trip when it detects a problem that might otherwise result in sparks or a fire
    • If they are not working properly, that safety measure is OFF.
    • So, they need to be tested and cleaned often to ensure they are working properly, and replaced when not.
  • Smoke Detectors are another important part of your home safety. Why do you need to replace and maintain them
    • After their warrantee time, their sensors will start to lose their sensitivity, putting your home at risk.
    • Even if the test shows its working, they just confirm their internal components are working.
    • Manufacturers say they should be replaced every 7 years and tested frequently.
    • You won’t hear that irritating and constant chirp.

A quick response to fires can help save lives and property.

Why be Preventative?

Anticipate your needs before they become a problem
Get ahead of major issues
Identify potential threats
Receive proactive recommendations to keep your home safe


Get your house up to code and keep it there. Be ready to sell at any time.
Official codes are apt to be updated or changed as the times change. We can get you up to code and keep you there. 

The Integrity Home Maintenance program saves you both time AND money in the long run. Most importantly, it keeps your home safe and operational with routine inspections, tests, and servicing.

Let us secure your peace of mind.
Sleep well knowing that no immediate hazard exists in electrical panels.

  • Get an annual maintenance agreement
  • $27 / month (paid annually)
  • Annual Cost: $324

What can you expect?

  • 2 FREE visits over the year
  • 1 FREE inspection
  • 20 minutes of FREE minor repairs
  • Priority Scheduling

They will assess and inspect:

  • Electrical Panel
    • Cleaned, tightened & inspected
    • Check circuit breaker connections
    • Check voltage
    • Check lugs on main and sub panels
  • Check if electrical panel is grounded properly.
  • Visual check of basement/crawl space & attic
  • Test & inspect smoke detectors (check to make sure they are working properly and in warrantee)
  • Analyze to make sure up to codes for GFCI’s. This includes locating them & educate you on how your GFCI system is configured in your home.
  • Check heating and air conditioning disconnects
  • Visually inspect Pool equipment & any other outdoor electrical equipment
  • Asses if surge protector needed
  • Check for excesses dirt, water, cracks or rusting in all electrical equipment

**Our expert technicians will evaluate the condition of your equipment and provide you with the best available options to repair and keep up to code. And we will follow up with a detailed report and estimate to make any repairs or with any violations that might be found

Impending troubles can be detected and eliminated. Let our professionals keep your electrical system working properly, efficiently, and up to code.

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