Any wiring needed for new construction, renovations, kitchen or bathroom remodel or anything else?

Wiring for New Construction

Is it time for a change? Moreover, are you building a new home or maybe adding an addition? Every new construction needs quality new wiring. Make sure your job is done to perfection, and hire an adequate professional to give your makeover the proper electrical.

Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling

Keeping up with the times is a good reason for updating your kitchen or bathroom. However, remodels of kitchens and bathrooms are needed for so many reasons. Maybe something broke, or similarly maybe you had some other damage of sorts that started the remodel. Or perhaps it is just time for a change. Nevertheless, either way, do the best remodel possible, and do it right, so that it will last for time to come. Let Integrity Electrical take care of all of your electrical needs of any remodel.

New Range and Dryer Circuits

In the first place, as appliances get older and technology improves, there is always a possibility you need to changeover your electrical connections, or repair or move your current connections, or even add a new one to improve your home. However, for any of these reasons, Integrity Electrical can meet all of your electrical needs.

Installation and Programming of Devices (Radio RA2)

We can do any type of wiring, from Radio RA to other speakers or security systems or cat6 configuration or any other basic wiring that may be needed with any new build or renovation. (One of the companies that we use for these install types is Lutron.)

Samsung smart things installation is also a part of our services.

Office Wiring

Additionally, offices are another space you want to keep efficient, wither it is a home office or an office building, you may need wiring for many reasons. If you suddenly find yourself working from home, you may need some electrical adjustments to make your home office more efficient. Or perhaps your office atmosphere is not quite comfortable, and you cannot determine the reason. Poor or improper lighting is known to be a common cause of a lighting situation. It is at the heart of the comfort of the room.Consider updating your lighting and creating the perfect comfort for your working environment.