Pool & Spa Wiring

Integrity Electrical will work with you on all your pool, spa, and hot tub wiring or other electrical needs.

Everybody has dreams, some big or small. What if we can help make your dreams come true?

Have you ever wanted a hot tub for those achy muscles, but don’t know where to start? Are you wanting to add a pool to your yard, but dreading the process? Have your kids been begging you for unground pool for years? Integrity Electrical can be a part of bringing those dreams to life, making your future bright.

Don’t settle for less than the best when it comes to enjoying your home. For some that includes a pool and a hot tub. Making the decision to build a pool or install a hot tub or spa is exciting. There are many options and aspects of both of these, but all require to be connected electrically, and that is when Integrity Electrical comes through.


  • New Installs?

    You finally took the plunge and are getting that pool you always wanted. Maybe you have been waiting for right moment, well we work with you to hook it into your panel and make sure it is all working so you can sit back relax and jump in.

    Pools can be a big undertaking, but with the help of The Pool & Spa Doctor or other pool companies like that, we can help ease that process.

  • Pump Wiring or Light Repairs?

The worst feeling is when you are getting ready to go for a swim after a long summer day and, oh no, you realize the pump or filter isn’t running and you discover it is an electrical issue. Or maybe you have had a light out for a while and been meaning to get it fixed for those night swims. Integrity Electrical is available to fix these and do rewiring

Hot Tubs/Spas

  • New Installs?

You are excited to add to your backyard experience a hot tub that will also help alleviate your muscles hurting after a good work out or a lengthy run. However, before you can enjoy that beautiful new purchase, you have to run the electric to your panel. Integrity Electrical can get you hooked up so you will be ready to enjoy your new spa.

  • Move/ Rewire/ Disconnect?

Are you moving and want to bring your spa with you? Or maybe you need to simply relocate your hot tub? We can disconnect, rerun wire, reconnect, do whatever electrical work that is needed.

Troubleshooting Issues

Unfortunately, there may issues that arise with your swimming pool or hot tub that are electrical. Minor electrical issues can lead to larger problems if not dealt with properly. The most common electrical or wiring problems are the pool pump, pool pump motor or lighting.

A swimming pool and a hot tub both deal mainly with water and electricity, the risk of danger is high. But the risk is alleviated when you call a licensed electrician.